I don’t understand why people are making comparisons of Barbie to a real woman. What other doll fits the average proportions of a woman? None. Not American Girl Dolls, not Cabbage Patch Dolls, not Bratz, not Polly Pocket. Barbie is a doll and nothing more. The thought of wanting to look like Barbie when I kid never crossed my mind. Barbie was a doll and I was the puppet master. End of story. 


sorry for the long radio silence! mostly  its because I was lazy…that’s why all of these drawings’ photos are taken with my camera.  I’ll be taking a month off work soon, so hopefully I can actually get around to scanning them in good quality! 

Also, did anyone play with Polly Pockets when they were kids? I recently remembered it was like.. one of my favourite toys to play with O_O.  I don’t know how I’ve forgotten this.. I used to have a ginormous collection of Polly Pockets right up till…97-98.  I don’t know if they’ve been thrown out, or if they’re stashed in a box somewhere at my parents place.. but I’ve been missing them like crazy!  So much so that I ended up drawing a weird version of Polly Pockets.  


A fairy-kei coord I made today for fun. ^^ <3

Jacket: Sheinside
Tutus/Bow-Tie: Bodyline
Necklaces: Cute Can Kill
Bag: Vintage Polly Pocket